Crux Python Client

A Python library for interacting with the Crux platform.

The aim of this module is to be a Pythonic way to use the Crux API reliably. It covers client functionality including scanning subscriptions, getting delivery status, and downloading files.

Python 3.6+ is supported.

Source code is available on GitHub at


Install a recent version of Python, and a Python dependency and virtual environment manager like pipenv. On macOS run:

brew install python
brew install pipenv

Install crux from PyPI in a virtual environment, and get a shell in that environment:

mkdir -p crux_example
cd crux_example
pipenv install "crux==1.3"
pipenv shell

Getting Started

Create a file, like, and use the crux module:

from crux import Crux

conn = Crux()
identity = conn.whoami()
print("I am",

Run the script:


See the installation and authentication documentation for details.